11 Signs You Can Hear Spirit

The ability to hear Spirit is called clairaudience.Clairaudience (clear-hearing) can manifest internally, meaning heard within your mind, or externally, meaning heard as a voice or a noise outside of yourself. If you’ve heard noises, frequently talk to yourself when no one is around or begun to hear a popping in your ears, your clairvoyant abilities may be coming in.

You can hear and communicate with Guides, Angels and Loved Ones by listening carefully and as your abilities begin to open up, there are several signs you may already have the ability to fully connect with and communicate with Spirit.

You sometimes hear a tv, radio or talking in the distance with no explanationYou often have conversations with yourself in the shower, car or while alone (a sign you’re talking to your guides with internal clairaudience)You hear or speak voices within your mind that are rational, encouraging and offer ideas

You’ve heard whispering around you, down a hall, or through a baby monitor

You’ve heard someone say your name while no one else is presentYou’ve heard strange noises around the house such as banging, knocking and creekingYou’ve hear buzzing or ringing sounds with no explanation

Your ears have popped such as traveling on an airplane or diving underwater

You often hear things that other can’t, such as hums in buildings, vehicles or other structures

You’ve heard muffled speaking or sounds as though it’s coming through underwater

You’re known for giving advice and when you’re finished speaking, everyone is impressed and surprised, including you (a sign that messages from Guids or Angels are being spoken through you)

The ability to see, hear and sense those in Spirit is easier and starts earlier in your spiritual development than you may think.

Are Paranormal Occurrences Real, or Are They a Trick of the Mind?

When we are told we are being taken to a haunted location, long before we reach our destination, our mind will have already created its own ghosts and demons. In fact, the mind is the common denominator where any respectable paranormal investigator is concerned; and whether you are a sceptic or believer, you can never be certain exactly what awaits you in the shadowy corners of an old manor house, medieval castle, or decaying monastery. It seems to me that today the majority of non-professional paranormal investigators are easily pleased, and the slightest bump in the night, creaking door, or wind whistling through the bare floorboards nearly always becomes something other than a natural occurrence. The anecdotal accounts of someone else’s ghostly experiences are unreliable, as it is human nature to embellish things, and in the tradition of Chinese Whispers, by the time the tale has been passed round several people, it becomes something else altogether, and is orally transformed into a tale that incites even more mystery and intrigue. But why is it do you think that we are so fascinated with ghosts and the supernatural? There is something quite exciting about being frightened when we are in the company of other people at a haunted location, but there are few of us who would spend the night alone in a place that has been the scene of the most heinous crime, and where disembodied cries are known to relentlessly echo through the night.

The question must be posed: are all ghostly apparitions the manifestations of disembodied souls, or are they something else altogether? I have been mediumistically inclined since I was a child, and seeing so-called “dead” people has always been commonplace to me. In my capacity as a medium I have found myself in a haunted graveyard deep within the Louisiana swamps, in a Victorian House where the perpetrator of many horrific murders once lived, and even forced to face the most aggressive poltergeist in a modest little house on the suburbs of Liverpool, UK. So I think it’s safe to say that I have explored paranormal phenomena from many different and diverse perspectives. However, over the years I have earned the paradoxical title of “Sceptical Medium” simply because, where paranormal phenomena is concerned, I believe that seeing is really believing—and even then I need time before reaching my final conclusions. For me, the paranormal has always been a vocation rather than a casual interest or hobby; over the years I have learned one thing, and that is that the response of our eyes is very limited, and sometimes what we think we have seen is not what actually occurred. Let us take a look at the so-called “corner-of-the-eye” phenomenon. This is when we see something out of our peripheral vision, only to find that when we turn our head to look directly at it, there is absolutely nothing there. Or, was there after all? It’s a known fact that a high percentage of disembodied manifestations do for some reason occur out of the corner of the eye, particularly where people of a nervous disposition are concerned. Such people usually have great mediumistic potential that could, in time, be further developed and cultivated. Until then, for now at least, he or she must be content with these spontaneous corner-of-the-eye paranormal occurrences.

But how reliable is our sight, or should we place more trust in our other senses when investigating a haunted location? Let us take a look at what has become known in paranormal parlance as the “Stone-Tape” phenomenon. Just as an audio and video tape is coated with an electromagnetic substance, enabling them to capture pictures and sounds for our enjoyment, so too is the surrounding environment permeated by an electromagnetic energy, thus recording every strong emotionally charged occurrence. This phenomenon is more prevalent in old damp sandstone structures, the walls of which become a sort of database of its historic facts, complete with audio and photographic record. This would explain why exactly the traditional “white lady” appears right in front of you, looking through you as though you were not there. These sorts of manifestations are no more than photographic images in the psychic atmosphere, and can appear to you almost as though you were flicking through old photographs on a video. The same can be said about things that go bump in the night, disembodied cries, and that sudden cold breeze that caresses your hair through the darkness. These phenomena may also be produced by the Stone Tape phenomenon, but to me are just as fascinating as coming face to face with the ghostly manifestation of a long dead monk who smiles at you and says hello before disappearing into the shadows.

Many years ago now, in the depths of despair, I sought solace in a Catholic church not far from where I then lived. An elderly priest sat beside me to ask what troubled me and to offer me words of comfort. On the conclusion of a lengthy conversation, the priest pulled himself tiredly to his feet, placed his warm, comforting hand on my shoulder, before making the sign of the cross on my forehead with his other hand.

“Your problems ended with the steps up to the church, my son.” His soft Irish voice seemed to echo through the church, and then he turned to make his way down the aisle towards the door. It wasn’t until some weeks later I decided to visit the priest at the house next door to the church, just to thank him for his kindness and tell him he was right. After being shown a photograph by a much younger priest, I was surprised to learn that the kind elderly priest in whom I had confided had in fact died many years ago. Furthermore, I was told that I was not the first person my ghostly confidant had helped, and I most probably would not be the last. So, I do know from personal experience that the spirit of a dead individual can appear as solid and tangible as any living person.

Analyzing Paranormal Occurrences

With little or no time at all to make an on-the-spot detailed analysis of a paranormal occurrence, as a paranormal investigator you really do have to be prepared for all eventualities, with as much photographic and audio evidence as you can possibly get, to be analysed the following day. No two paranormal occurrences are ever the same, and although the anecdotal accounts of the experiences of other people are nearly always quite unreliable, they are still nonetheless helpful in the whole process of drawing comparisons. As long as you are not in any way influenced by what other paranormal investigators say they have experienced, you should listen to as many accounts as you possibly can.

  • Triboluminescence and Paranormal Activity

    When making an assessment of a paranormally disturbed location, various things really need to be considered in your calculations of the phenomena. One thing that few people consider is the geological phenomenon Triboluminescence, produced by friction of crystals or other similar minerals below ground level. Although not all that common, when Triboluminescence occurs, it can interrupt the electromagnetic atmosphere in an alleged haunted location, thus causing a broad spectrum of phenomena to occur. It can also interfere with the neurological circuitry in the brains of some susceptible people, particularly in those who suffer from temporal-lobe epilepsy, causing them to have hallucinations of a wide paranormal variety. In fact, Triboluminescence, particularly when involving structures in coastal areas, can be responsible for the precipitation of some extremely fascinating phenomena, and when it occurs, it can appear as though a portal to another world has suddenly been opened.

  • Ectoplasmic Mist and Paranormal Phenomena

    The majority of people interested (or, in some cases, not interested) in the paranormal have experienced walking into a room and seeing a vaporous mist hovering in the corner. Because this usually clears after a few seconds, this phenomenon is usually dismissed without thought. In fact, this is an ectoplasmic mist, a dormant embryonic energy created by the people who live and have lived there throughout the years. Although benign, this too in time can metamorphose into an active force and, depending on the characters of the people who interact with it, through the passage of time it can become an active mischievous phenomenon.

  • Clone Ball and Places of Enjoyment

    Although found in even the most humble abode, ectoplasmic mist is also frequently found in places of enjoyment, such as cinemas and theatres, created from the emotions of all the people who have visited them over the years. Although initially created from the subtle energies of joy and happiness, with the passage of time it can transmute into a mischievous force, precipitating any dormant paranormal phenomena. I call this particular vaporous mass a “Clone Ball,” because of its insidious nature and capacity to transmute into either a pleasant or extremely mischievous and sometimes malevolent force. On rare occasions a Clone Ball can transmute into a poltergeist force, creating havoc and mayhem. I have witnessed such phenomena at a north of England derelict Victorian theatre. Although nobody was ever actually hurt by the poltergeist, this was only by virtue of the fact that we were able to avoid the missiles that came our way at an incredible speed. The interesting thing here: although the Victorian Theatre was demolished some years ago, the subtle energy structure of the building still persists. Therefore, the original paranormal activity that occurred in the Victorian Theatre would still persist, regardless of what was actually built in its place. Energy cannot be destroyed; it can only transmute into different forms, becoming a movement of matter or even of consciousness from one condition to another. Demolishing a haunted location will not in any way eradicate the cause of the paranormal activity, which will persist throughout time. In some cases, disturbing paranormal occurrences can even cause them to become more aggressive.

There is little doubt in my mind that although an extremely exciting subject, the paranormal is also an emotional minefield, and contains innumerable pitfalls and traps for those who rush blindly into it. Preparation for so-called Ghost Hunting is an essential prerequisite, and whether you choose to use the available sophisticated ghost hunting equipment or not, the subject must be treated with the utmost respect at all times, and never, ever ridiculed, misused, or abused. The dead will not be mocked; treating your overnight sojourn in a haunted house as no more than a night out with friends is something that I would most certainly discourage.

A genuine disembodied manifestation is usually spontaneous and occurs when we are least expecting it. There are many misconceptions about spirits and communication with them. Not even the best of mediums has the power to command a spirit to communicate; they will come if they want to, or if there is a necessity for “them” to allow communication to occur. We have to understand that the so-called “Spirit World” is not a place. It is to all intents and purposes a transcendental condition, and orbits within and around the atomic structure of the physical world. Very often Spirit people are walking through and around us, unaware of our presence, just as we are mostly unaware of theirs. A medium is simply someone who is neurologically equipped to monitor spirit activity, and can either see, hear, or just sense a spirit presence.

Mediums Are Not Normal

Whichever way we look at it, mediums are far from normal and, contrary to popular belief, are not seeing and hearing spirits every day of their lives with little or no respite. In 1903, after reading a paper by Theosophist C.W Leadbeatter on the brains of mediumistically inclined individuals, Ivan Tutinsky, a leading neuroscientist at Moscow University, became fascinated with those who possessed unusual mental abilities, with a particular interest in the unusual abilities of children. Although Tutinsky took pains to avoid the word “Psychic,” he compromised his professional integrity by devoting seven years of his life to making a study of the subject. Although Tutinsky was ridiculed by his peers, attitudes towards him completely changed when his findings were eventually published by the university. Tutinsky concluded that the pineal gland, a cone-shaped gland deep within the brain, was responsible for such unusual mental skills. The notable professor further concluded that a child’s pineal gland was much larger than in the brain of an adult, and marginally more developed in the female than in the male. Tutinsky stated that the pineal gland was surrounded by minute crystalline deposits, making it into a neurological radar device that was able to monitor invisible forces. In more recent years autopsies were carried out in America on people who possessed mediumistic tendencies. Here again it was found that the pineal gland was more developed than the glands found in the brains of those with no mediumistic tendencies. Also, the brains of those with mediumistic skills showed remarkable neurological changes, consistent in all cases with unusual “psychic” skills. It’s a scientific fact then, no matter how you look at it, mediums are far from normal.

Although not absolutely essential, it is always wise to have an experienced medium present when investigating a haunted location. A qualified medium is able to supervise the whole investigative procedure, without (dare I say) having to rely on EMF Meters or any other of the many other available ghost hunting gadgets to tell them that there is a ghostly presence close by.

In saying this, a ghostly presence is not always seen, and some disembodied entities do have the power to mischievously infiltrate a paranormal group with one single intention, and that is to frighten and disrupt the whole procedure. Respect the dead, and they will most certainly respect and help you with your endeavours. Unless, that is, you happen to encounter the vagabonds of the astral world. These are disembodied forces who lived out their lives at a fairly low level, with no regard for anything or anyone. Once they pass over they have a greater freedom and delight in causing mayhem for anyone who is spiritually inclined, particularly those who embark upon a ghost hunter venture.

You can read such tales in my forthcoming book, Ghostly Tales.


Are You Psychic?

      The psychic realm usually isn’t as far away as some people might imagine and it turns out that most people have some unique intuition or connection to psychic powers. If you think that you might be psychic but don’t know how to tell or connect it to useful skills, this blog might ask just the right questions so that you can be sure and find the answers that you seek.

                Have you ever thought about someone and then heard news about them or even had them contact you? Or have you dreamt about events that came true soon after? These are signs that you may have a link to the future as you can predict, most often unintentionally, what will happen. Many people discount these occurrences as déjà vu or coincidence, but they can hold a lot of power.

                One of the more frightening events for psychics is when they know that someone has died and then news later confirms their intuition. As a medium, you’d be struck by what feels like an unrealistic fear before something bad happens, see spirits, sense animal’s feelings and draw them to you, or even hear voices when you’re alone. Skeptics have a hard time explaining these phenomena and if you are psychic, you may have experienced these events firsthand.

                Psychic abilities often relate to slight omnipotence, or all-knowing. If you often know things about people that you have no way of knowing or have feelings about improbable scenarios that then come true you may be have the gift of psychic abilities. There’s nothing to fear if you do match most of these qualities and you should further explore your gifts to understand them and use them properly.

                In order to confirm or disprove your suspicion, you can take some fun test online like the test at www.psychic-test.org and get some closure. Then you can enhance your abilities and hone your skills, opening doors an interesting and fulfilling future where you can make use of your psychic intuition.

             In addition reading books, finding mentors and taking classes are some of the most popular ways to hone your skills to get full use of your potential. One such psychic is a “Blackwell Psychic” who started out as a direct psychic, then a medium as spirits started to contact her and wake her at night. Then it grew to paranormal investigations; healing work, teaching, helping with different tools such as Tarot, the Ouija, Tea Leaves and more. Now she is listed as one of “The Top 100 Psychics and Astrologers in America” in the book of the same name 2014 edition ! She’s been known as a mentor who has helped many people tune into their own gifts!

           No matter what you decide to do there is always a way and help along your path.

Article By: Carrie Buchert


Can Spirits Visit You in Dreams

Those in Spirit can communicate with you and show up in your dreams.This practice commonly referred to as the visitation dream, where the visitation dream refers to a distinct type of dream in which you are visited by your deceased loved ones for comfort, healing and messages.Dream visitations aren’t limited to just Loved Ones.

Any Spirit can get in touch with you while you sleep.

This includes people that you know who have crossed over, other deceased people that you have yet to meet, but want to get your attention, deceased family members and friends of people you currently know on Earth, Spirit Guides and Angels.

Spirit Dreams usually include an image of the Spirit, whether it be their whole body or just their face and messages to you that are applicable to your current life, often in the form of imagery in the dream.Why do visitations dreams happen?When we sleep, all our defenses are down.

We don’t have any distractions from daily activities, radio, television, family members, work to do or things to think about. Distractions, which usually prevent us from sensing, seeing, hearing or picking up on the more subtle energy of those in Spirit. We also release our boundaries from fear, doubt and question – at least until we wake up. It’s an optimal time to visit those who may be closed off to visitations otherwise. Lacking a physical body, those in Spirit have a big challenge on their hands.

Most people, only notice or dedicate their attention to that which they can see.And if you can’t be seen, but you can make noise, move objects, deliver signs and try to have your energy felt, with some people, a Spirit may be hitting a brick wall, because some may too distracted, doubtful, or heavy in thought to notice or welcome in.

 This leaves those in Spirit with very few options for potential communication methods.When a Spirit wants to get your attention or the attention of someone that you know, they’ll resort to unconventional methods, if it’s really important – and this is where the visitation dream comes in. 

While these dreams are common, it’s not necessarily the preferred visitation method of most individuals in Spirit – especially the deceased.Your Loved Ones and the Loved Ones of the people who are close to you, would much rather communicate with you like regular people, because while they’re crossed over, they’re still people.

They’d like to have a conversation. When a direct conversation or interaction appears to be not possible, due to any number of barriers, this is when those in Spirit head over to the working to communicate with you in a dream state. When we sleep, our barriers, our guards are down.

We are less busy and more easily interrupted. Our natural reflexive to talk ourselves out of believing and accepting what just happened, are virtually non-existent.We are most open, accepting and welcoming of a dream.

So, some Spirits will try to communicate with you in your dreams, especially if they have a difficult time getting your attention any other way.Have you been visited by a Spirit in your dreams?It’s highly likely they are currently or have made a bunch of other attempts to reach out to you, in addition to your dreams.

They may have tried to send you signs. Gotten you to sense their presence. Made some lights flicker.

Moved some stuff around. Messed with the electronics in your house. They may have tried to talk to you or say your name.A visitation dream is usually the last thing that your Guides, Angels and Loved Ones will use to communicate with you, as many of your Guides, Angels and Loved Ones would prefer to develop a personal, one-on-one relationship with you. And if you’ve had a Spirit Dream, you now know this is possible. It is usually the first major sign you can communicate with those in Spirit in many other ways, if you open yourself up to it.

Clairvoyance of the futur

Future-Time Clairvoyance, as indicated by its name, is that class of clairvoyant phenomena which is concerned with the perception of facts, events and happenings of future time. In this class of clairvoyant phenomena naturally fall all genuine cases of prophecy, prevision, foretelling, second-sight, etc.

History, theological and secular, is filled with instances of the foretelling of the future by prophets, wise men, and others. By many, such powers are generally regarded as supernatural or divine.

But while the phenomena itself is very well known, and is accepted as genuine in even many cases in which past-time clairvoyance is doubted, still it is even more difficult to explain than is past-time clairvoyance based on the Akashic Records or the Astral Light.

To the person not well versed in occult knowledge, and esoteric principles, it is deemed impossible to intelligently account for the perception of an event before it has actually happened—perhaps years before its actual happening.

In the first place, in some of the simpler forms of future-time clairvoyance, there is merely a high development of subconscious reasoning from analogy. That is to say, the subconscious mental faculties of the person reason out that such-and-so being the case, then it follows that so-and-so will result, unless something entirely unexpected should prevent or intervene.

This is merely an extension of certain forms of reasoning that we perform ordinarily. For instance, we see a child playing with a sharp tool, and we naturally reason that it will cut itself. We see a man acting in certain ways which generally lead to certain ends, and we naturally reason that the expected result will occur.

The more experience that the observer has had, and the keener his faculty of perception and his power of deductive reasoning, the wider will be the range of his power in the direction of predicting future results from present happenings and conditions.

In this connection, we must remember that the ordinary clairvoyant has easier access to his subconscious mentality than has the average person. The subconscious mind perceives and notes many little things that the conscious mind overlooks, and therefore has better data from which to reason.

Moreover, as all students of the subconscious know, these wonderful subconscious mental factulties have a very highly developed power of reasoning deductively from a given premise or fact. In fact, the subconscious faculties are almost perfect reasoning machines, providing they are supplied with correct data in the first place. Much of the so-called “intuitive reasoning” of persons arises from the operations of the subconscious mental faculties just mentioned.

But, you may say, this is very interesting, but it is not clairvoyance.

Certainly, good student, but still clairvoyance plays an important part even in this elementary form of prevision and future-seeing. You must remember that by clairvoyant vision the real thoughts and feelings of a person may be perceived. But, unless the attention of the clairvoyant is specially directed to this, the conscious mind does not note it, and the matter reaches the subconscious faculties without interference or conscious knowledge on the part of the clairvoyant. This being so, it will be seen that the subconscious mind of the clairvoyant is able to reason deductively, in such cases, far beyond the power of even the subconscious mind of the ordinary person—it has fuller data and more complete material to work upon, of course.

It has become a proverb of the race that “coming events cast their shadows before”; and many persons frequently have little flashes of future-time seeing without realizing that they are really exercising elementary clairvoyant powers.

The combination of even a simple form of clairvoyance and an active subconscious mind will often produce very wonderful results—although not of course the more complex phenomena of full clairvoyance and prevision. Some persons have claimed that even this form of prevision implies something like fate or predestination, but this is not fully true, for we must remember the fact that in some cases it is possible to so act in accordance with a clairvoyant warning of this kind that the impending calamity may be escaped.

But, on the other hand, we must also remember that every event is the result of certain preceding events, without which it could not have happened, and which existing it must happen unless some new element intervenes. There is such a thing as cause and effect, we must remember—and if we can reason clearly from one to the other with sufficient clearness, then we may actually prophesy certain things in advance, always making allowance for the intervention of the unexpected.

An authority says on this phase of the question: “There is no doubt whatever that, just as what is happening now is the result of causes set in motion in the past, so what will happen in the future will be the result of causes already in operation. Even on this plane of life we can calculate that if certain actions are performed, certain results will follow; but our reckoning is constantly liable to be disturbed by the interference of factors which we have not been able to take into account. But if we raise our consciousness to the higher planes we can see much further into the results of our actions.

We can trace, for example, the effect of a casual word, not only upon the person to whom it was addressed, but through him on many others as it is passed on in widening circles, until it seems to have affected the whole country; and one glimpse of such a vision is more efficient than any number of moral precepts in impressing upon us the necessity of extreme circumspection in thought, word, and deed.

Not only can we from that plane see thus fully the result of every action, but we can also see where and in what way the results of other actions apparently quite unconnected with it will interfere with and modify it. In fact, it may be said that the results of all causes at present in action are clearly visible—that the future, as it would be if no entirely new causes should arise, lies open before our gaze.

“New causes of course do arise, because man’s will is free; but in the case of all ordinary people the use which they make of their freedom may be calculated beforehand with considerable accuracy. The average man has so little real will that he is very much the creature of circumstances; his action in previous lives places him amid certain surroundings, and their influence upon him is so very much the most important factor in his life-story that his future course may be predicted with almost mathematical certainty.

With the developed man the case is different; for him also the main events of life are arranged by his past actions, but the way in which he will allow them to affect him, the methods by which he will deal with them and perhaps triumph over them—these are all his own, and they cannot be foreseen even on the mental plane except as probabilities.

“Looking down on man’s life in this way from above, it seems as though his free will could be exercised only in certain crises in his career. He arrives at a point in his life where there are obviously two or three alternative courses open before him; he is absolutely free to choose which of them he pleases, and although someone who knew his nature thoroughly well might feel almost certain what his choice would be, such knowledge on his friend’s part is in no sense a compelling force. But when he has chosen, he has to go through with it and take the consequences; having entered upon a particular path he may, in many cases, be forced to go on for a very long time before he has any opportunity to turn aside. His position is somewhat like that of a driver of a train; when he comes to a junction he may have the points set either this way or that, and so can pass on to whichever line he pleases, but when he has passed on to one of them he is compelled to run on along the line which he has selected until he reaches another set of points, where again an opportunity of choice is offered to him.”

But, interesting and wonderful as this phase of future-time clairvoyance undoubtedly is, it pales before the fuller and more complete phases. And, in the latter, we must look elsewhere for the explanation—or approach to an explanation.

The explanation of this higher form of future-time clairvoyance must be looked for in a new conception of the nature and meaning of time. It is difficult to approach this question without becoming at once involved in technical metaphysical discussion.

As an example of this difficulty, I invite you to consider the following from Sir Oliver Lodge, in his address to the British Association, at Cardiff, several years ago. While what he says is very clear to the mind of a person trained along these lines of subtle thought, it will be almost like Greek to the average person. Sir Oliver Lodge said:

“A luminous and helpful idea is that time is but a relative mode of regarding things; we progress through phenomena at a certain definite pace, and this subjective advance we interpret in an objective manner, as if events moved necessarily in this order and at this precise rate. But that may be only one mode of regarding them. The events may be in some sense of existence always, both past and future, and it may be we who are arriving at them, not they which are happening. The analogy of a traveller in a railway train is useful; if he could never leave the train nor alter its pace he would probably consider the landscapes as necessarily successive and be unable to conceive their co-existence * * * We perceive, therefore, a possible fourth dimensional aspect about time, the inexorableness of whose flow may be a natural part of our present limitations. And if we once grasp the idea that past and future may be actually existing, we can recognize that they may have a controlling influence on all present action, and the two together may constitute the ‘higher plane’ or totality of things after which, as it seems to me, we are impelled to seek, in connection with the directing of form or determinism, and the action of living being consciously directed to a definite and preconceived end.”

Sir Oliver’s illustration is somewhat akin to that of a person who sees a moving-picture show for the first time, and does not know how it is produced. To him it looks as if the events of the pictured story actually were developing and happening in time, whereas, in reality the whole picture is existing at one time.

Its past, present and future is already pictured, and may be seen by one who knows the secret and how to look for the past or future scene; while, to the ordinary observer, the scene progresses in sequence, the present being followed by something else which is at this moment “in the future,” and therefore, unknowable. To the senses of the ordinary observer only the present is in existence; while, in fact, the “future” is equally truly in existence at the same time, although not evident to the senses of the observer. Think over this a little, and let the idea sink into your mind—it may help you to understand something concerning the mystery of future-time clairvoyance, prevision, or second-sight.

Time, you know, is far more relative than we generally conceive it. It is a scientific fact that a person in the dream state may cover years of time in a dream that occupies only a few seconds of time. Persons have nodded and awakened immediately afterwards (as proved by others present in the room), and yet in that moment’s time they have dreamed of long journeys to foreign lands, great campaigns of war, etc.

Moreover, a loud sound (a pistol shot, for instance) which has awakened a sleeping person, has also set into effect a dream-state train of circumstances, constituting a long dream-state story which, after many events and happenings, terminated in the shot of a firing-squad—and then the man awoke. Now in this last mentioned case, not only has the dreamer experienced events covering a long time, all in the space of a second of time; but, also, the very sound which terminated the dream, also induced it from the very beginning—the last thing caused the first things to appear and proceed in sequence to the last! Persons under the influence of chloroform, or “laughing gas,” have similar experiences—often the first sound heard at the moment of recovering consciousness seems to be the last thing in a long dream which preceded it, though the long dream was really caused by the final sound.

Now, remember, that here not only did past, present and future exist at the same moment of time; but, also, the future caused the past and present to come into being.

On the physical plane, we have analogies illustrating this fact. It is said that in every acorn rests and exists, in miniature, the form of the future oak. And, some go so far as to say that the oak is the “ultimate cause” of the acorn—that the idea of the oak caused the acorn to be at all. In the same way, the “idea” of the man must be in the infant boy, from the moment of birth, and even from the moment of conception. But, let us pass on to the bold conception of the most advanced metaphysicians—they have a still more dazzling explanation, let us listen to it.

These occultists and metaphysicians who have thought long and deeply upon the ultimate facts and nature of the universe, have dared to think that there must exist some absolute consciousness—some absolute mind—which must perceive the past, present and future of the universe as one happening; as simultaneously and actively present at one moment of absolute time.

They reason that just as man may see as one happening of a moment of his time some particular event which might appear as a year to some minute form of life and mind—the microscopic creatures in a drop of water, for instance; so that which seems as a year, or a hundred years, to the mind of man may appear as the happening of a single moment of a higher scale of time to some exalted Being or form of consciousness on a higher plane.

You remember that it is said that “a thousand years is but as a day to the Lord;” and the Hindu Vedas tell us that “the creation, duration, and destruction of the universe, is as but the time of the twinkling of an eye to Brahman.” I shall not proceed further along this line—I have given you a very strong hint here; you must work it out for yourself, if you feel so disposed. But there are certain consequences arising from this ultimate universal fact, which I must mention before passing on.

The high occult teachings hold that there is a plane of the higher astral world which may be said to carry a reflection of the Universal Mind—just as a lake contains a reflection of the distant mountain.

Well, then, the clairvoyant vision at times is able to penetrate to the realm of that astral reflecting medium, and see somewhat dimly what is pictured there. As the future may be discerned in this reflected picture, by the clairvoyant mind, we see how future-seeing, prevision, and second-sight may be explained scientifically.

A writer has said: “On this plane, in some manner which down here is totally inexplicable, the past, the present, and the future, are all there existing simultaneously. One can only accept this fact, for its cause lies in the faculty of that exalted plane, and the way in which this higher faculty works is naturally quite incomprehensible to the physical brain. Yet now and then one may meet with a hint that seems to bring us a trifle nearer to a dim possibility of comprehension. When the pupil’s consciousness is fully developed upon this higher plane, therefore, perfect prevision is possible to him, though he may not—nay, he certainly will not—be able to bring the whole result of his sight through fully and in order into his physical consciousness. Still, a great deal of clear foresight is obviously within his power whenever he likes to exercise it; and even when he is not exercising it, frequent flashes of foreknowledge come through into his ordinary life, so that he often has an instantaneous intuition as to how things will turn out.”

The same writer says: “Short of perfect prevision we find that all degrees of this type of clairvoyance exist, from the occasional vague premonitions which cannot in any true sense be called sight at all, up to frequent and fairly complete second-sight. The faculty to which this latter somewhat misleading name has been given is an extremely interesting one, and would well repay more careful and systematic study than has hitherto been given to it. It is best known to us as a not infrequent possession of the Scottish Highlanders, though it is by no means confined to them. Occasional instances of it have appeared in almost every nation, but it has always been commonest among mountaineers and men of lonely life. With us in England it is often spoken of as if it were the exclusive appanage of the Celtic race, but in reality it has appeared among similarly situated peoples the world over, it is stated, for example, to be very common among the Westphalian peasantry.

“Sometimes the second-sight consists of a picture clearly foreshowing some coming event; more frequently, perhaps, the glimpse of the future is given in some symbolical appearance. It is noteworthy that the events foreseen are invariably unpleasant ones—death being the commonest of all; I do not recollect a single instance in which the second-sight has shown anything which was not of the most gloomy nature. It has a ghastly symbolism of its own—a symbolism of shrouds and corpse-candles, and other funeral horrors. In some cases it appears to be to a certain extent dependent upon locality, for it is stated that inhabitants of the Isle of Skye who possess the faculty often lose it when they leave the island, even though it be only to cross to the mainland. The gift of such sight is sometimes hereditary in a family for generations, but this is not an invariable rule, for it often appears sporadically in one member of a family otherwise free from its lugubrious influence.

“There may be still some people who deny the possibility of prevision, but such denial simply shows their ignorance of the evidence on the subject. The large number of authenticated cases leave no room for doubt as to the fact, but many of them are of such a nature as to render a reasonable explanation by no means easy to find. It is evident that the Ego possesses a certain amount of previsional faculty, and if the events foreseen were always of great importance, one might suppose that an extraordinary stimulus had enabled him for that occasion only to make a clear impression of what he saw upon his lower personality. No doubt that is the explanation of many of the cases in which death or grave disaster is foreseen, but there are a large number of instances on record to which it does not seem to apply, since the events foretold are frequently trivial and unimportant.”

In future-time clairvoyance, as well as in past-time clairvoyance, the phenomenon may be manifested in many ways and according to several methods. That is to say, that in future-time clairvoyance the vision may come in the state of meditation or reverie; it may come along the lines of psychometry, some associated object or person supplying the connecting link; or, again, it may come as the result of crystal-gazing, etc.

This is as we might naturally expect, for this form of clairvoyance is merely one special and particular phase of clairvoyance in general, and of course, comes under the general laws and rules governing all clairvoyant phenomena.

Future-time clairvoyance, prevision and second-sight may, like any other form of clairvoyance, be developed and unfolded, by means of the same rules and methods that I have already suggested to you in the preceding lessons. It is all a matter of attention, application, patience, exercise and practice.

Strong desire and wish for the perception of future events, held firmly in mind during the practicing and exercising, will tend to unfold and develop the clairvoyant faculties in this particular direction. Strong desire, and earnest attention in the desired direction, will do much to cultivate, develop and unfold any psychic faculty.

Just as meditation and reverie about past times and things tend to develop past-time clairvoyance, so will meditation and reverie about future time and things tend to develop prevision and the seeing of future things.

This, indeed, is the very first step toward the attainment of this form of clairvoyance. The attention clears the psychic path, over which the astral faculties travel. In the astral, as on the physical, the rule is: always look where you are going—look ahead on the path over which you wish to travel.

Clairvoyance of the past

The third great class of clairvoyant phenomena, known as Time Clairvoyance, is divided into two sub-classes, as follows:
Past-Time Clairvoyance;
Future-Time Clairvoyance.

The characteristics of each of these sub-classes is indicated by its name.

Past-Time Clairvoyance, as indicated by the name, is that class of clairvoyant phenomena which is concerned with the perception of facts, events and happenings of past time. Whether the happening is that of five minutes ago, or of five thousand years ago, the principles involved are precisely the same. One is no more or less wonderful than is the other.

In the first place, it would undoubtedly be impossible to perceive a thing, even by astral vision, if it had entirely disappeared at some time in the past—this would be beyond all natural powers, astral as well as physical. But, as a matter of fact, the things of the past have not entirely disappeared, but, on the contrary, while having disappeared on the physical plane they still exist on the astral plane.

In the occult teachings we find many references to “the Akashic Records,” or what is sometimes called “the records of the Astral Light.”

All that has happened from the very beginning of this World Cycle, millions of years ago, is preserved on these astral records, and may be read by the advanced clairvoyant or other person possessing occult powers of this kind. These records perish only with the termination of a World Cycle, which will not happen for millions of years yet to come.

For instance, as astronomy teaches us, a star may be blotted out of existence, and yet its light will persist long after (perhaps until the end of world-time) traveling along at the rate of 186,000 miles each second.

The light that we now see coming from the distant stars has left those stars many years ago—in some cases thousands of years ago. We see them not as they are now, but as they were at the time the ray of light left them, many years ago;

In fact, it is believed that some of these stars which we see twinkling at night have actually been blotted out hundreds of years ago. We will not be aware of this fact until the light rays suddenly cease reaching us, after their journey of billions of miles and hundreds of years. A star blotted out of existence today would be seen by our children, and children’s children.

The heat from a stove will be felt in a room long after the stove has been removed from it. A room will long contain the odor of something that has been removed from it.

It is said that in one of the old mosques of Persia there may be perceived the faint odor of the musk that was exposed there hundreds of years ago—the very walls are saturated with the pungent odor.

Is it not wonderful that our memories preserve the images of the sounds and forms which were placed there perhaps fifty years and more ago? How do these memory images survive and exist? Though we may have thought of the past thing for half a lifetime, yet, suddenly its image flashes into our consciousness.

this is as wonderful as the Akashic Records, though its “commonness” makes it lose its wonderful appearance to us.

Camille Flammarion, the eminent French astronomer, in a book pictured a possible condition of affairs in which a disembodied soul would be able to perceive events that happened in the past, by simply taking a position in space in which he would be able to catch the light-waves that emanated from a distant planet at that particular time in the past the happenings of which he wanted to perceive.

Another writer has written somewhat along the same lines: “When we see anything, whether it be the book we hold in our hands, or a star millions of miles away, we do so by means of a vibration in the ether, commonly called a ray of light, which passes from the object seen to our eyes. Now the speed with which this vibration passes is so great—about 186,000 miles in a second—that when we are considering any object in our own world we may regard it as practically instantaneous.
When, however, we come to deal with interplanetary distances we have to take the speed of light into consideration, for an appreciable period is occupied in traversing these vast spaces. For example, it takes eight minutes and a quarter for light to travel to us from the sun, so that when we look at the solar orb we see it by means of a ray of light which left it more than eight minutes ago. From this follows a very curious result. The ray of light by which we see the sun can obviously report to us only the state of affairs’ which existed in that luminary when it started on its journey, and would not be in the least affected by anything that happened after it left; so that we really see the sun not as it is, but as it was eight minutes ago.

That is to say that if anything important took place in the sun—the formation of a new sun-spot, for instance—an astronomer who was watching the orb through his telescope at the time would be unaware of the incident while it was happening, since the ray of light bearing the news would not reach him until more than eight minutes later.

“The difference is more striking when we consider the fixed stars, because in their case the distances are so enormously greater. The pole star, for example, is so far off that light, traveling at the inconceivable speed above mentioned, takes a little more than fifty years to reach our eyes; and from that follows the strange but inevitable inference that we see the pole star not as or where it is at this moment, but as and where it was fifty years ago.

If tomorrow some cosmic catastrophe were to shatter the pole star into fragments, we should still see it peacefully shining in the sky all the rest of our lives; our children would grow up to middle-age and gather their children about them in turn before the news of that tremendous accident reached any terrestial eye.

In the same way there are other stars so far distant that light takes thousands of years to travel from them to us, and with reference to their condition our information is therefore thousands of years behind time. Now carry the argument a step farther. Suppose that we were able to place a man at the distance of 186,000 miles from the earth, and yet to endow him with the wonderful faculty of being able from that distance to see what was happening here as clearly as though he were still close beside us. It is evident that a man so placed would see everything a second after the time it really happened, and so at the present moment he would be seeing what happened a second ago.

Double that distance, and he would be two seconds behind time, and so on; remove him to the distance of the sun (still allowing him to preserve the same mysterious power of sight) and he would look down and watch you doing not what you are doing now, but what you were doing eight minutes and a quarter ago. Carry him to the pole star, and he would see passing before his eyes the events of fifty years ago; he would be watching the childish gambols of those who at the same moment were really middle-aged men. Marvellous as this may sound, it is literally and scientifically true, and cannot be denied.”

Flammarion, in his story, called “Lumen,” makes his spirit hero pass at will along the ray of light from the earth, seeing the things of different eras of earth-time. He even made him travel backward along that ray, thus seeing the happenings in reverse order, as in a moving picture running backward.

This story is of the greatest interest to the occultist, for while the Akashic Records are not the same as the light records, yet the analogy is so marked in many ways that the occultist sees here another exemplification of the old occult axiom that “as above, so below; as below, so above.”

The occultist-guide says to the student: “Changing our vibrations, we find ourselves entering a strange region, the nature of which you at first fail to discern. Pausing a moment until your astral vision becomes attuned to the peculiar vibrations of this region, you will find that you are becoming gradually aware of what may be called an immense picture gallery, spreading out in all directions, and apparently bearing a direct relation to every point of space on the surface of the earth. At first, you find it difficult to decipher the meaning of this great array of pictures. The trouble arises from the fact that they are arranged not one after the other in sequence on a flat plane; but rather in sequence, one after another, in a peculiar order which may be called the order of ‘X-ness in space,’ because it is neither the dimension of length, breadth, or depth—it is practically the order of the fourth dimension in space, which cannot be described in terms of ordinary spatial dimension.

You find upon closely examining the pictures that they are very minute—practically microscopic in size— and require the use of the peculiar magnifying power of astral vision to bring them up to a size capable of being recognized by your faculty of visual recognition.

“The astral vision, when developed, is capable of magnifying any object, material or astral, to an enormous degree—for instance, the trained occultist is able to perceive the whirling atoms and corpuscles of matter, by means of this peculiarity of astral vision. Likewise, he is able to plainly perceive many fine vibrations of light which are invisible to the ordinary sight.

In fact, the peculiar Astral Light which pervades this region is due to the power of the astral vision to perceive and register these fine vibrations of light. Bring this power of magnifying into operation, and you will see that each of the little points and details of the great world picture so spread before you in the Astral Light is really a complete scene of a certain place on earth, at a certain period in the history of the earth.

It resembles one of the small views in a series of moving pictures—a single view of a roll-film. It is fixed, and not in motion, and yet we can move forward along the fourth dimension, and thus obtain a moving picture of the history of any point on the surface of the earth, or even combine the various points into a large moving picture, in the same way. Let us prove this by actual experiment.

Close your eyes for a moment, while we travel back in time (so to speak) along the series of these astral records—for, indeed, they travel back to the beginning of the history of the earth. Now open your eyes! Looking around you, you perceive the pictured representation of strange scenes filled with persons wearing a peculiar garb—but all is still, no life, no motion.

“Now, let us move forward in time, at much higher rate than that in which the astral views were registered. You now see flying before you the great movement of life on a certain point of space, in a far distant age. From birth to death you see the life of these strange people, all in the space of a few moments. Great battles are fought, and cities rise before your eyes, all in a great moving picture flying at a tremendous speed.

Now stop, and then let us move backward in time, still gazing at the moving pictures. You see a strange sight, like that of ‘reversing the film’ in a moving picture. You see everything moving backward—cities crumbling into nothingness, men arising from their graves, and growing younger each second until they are finally born as babes—everything moving backward in time, instead of forward.

You can thus witness any great historical event, or follow the career of any great personage from birth to death—or backward. You will notice, moreover, that everything is semi-transparent, and that accordingly you can see the picture of what is going on inside of buildings as well as outside of them.

Nothing escapes the Astral Light Records.

Nothing can be concealed from it. By traveling to any point in time, on the fourth dimension, you may begin at that point, and see a moving picture of the history of any part of the earth from that time to the present—or you may reverse the sequence by travelling backward, as we have seen.

You may also travel in the Astral, on ordinary space dimensions, and thus see what happened simultaneously all over the earth, at any special moment of past-time, if you wish.”

The clairvoyant merely catches glimpses of certain phases and fields of the great astral record region or state. For that matter, the ordinary clairvoyant merely sees a reflection of the true Astral Light pictures a reflection similar to that of a landscape reflected in a pond. Moreover, this reflection may be (and frequently is) disturbed as if by the ripples and waves of the pond in which the landscape is reflected. But, still, even the ordinary clairvoyant is able to secure results which are wonderful enough in all truth, and which far transcend the power of the person functioning on the physical plane alone.

Past-time clairvoyance is frequently induced by means of psychometry, in which the clairvoyant is able to have “the loose end” to unwind the ball of time. But, still, in some cases the clairvoyant is able to get en rapport with the astral records of past-time by the ordinary methods of meditation, etc.

The main obstacle in the last mentioned case is the difficulty of coming in contact with the exact period of past-time sought for in psychometry, the vibrations of the “associated object” supplies the missing link.

Lacking the “associated object,” the clairvoyant may obtain the link by bringing into the imagination some associated scene of that time—something else that happened about the same time.

All that is needed is to get hold of something associated in space or in time with the sought for scene. All that is needed is the “loose end” of association. Sometimes the clairvoyant senses some past-time experience, the place and time of which is unknown to him.

In such cases, it is necessary for him to get hold of some “loose end” by which he may work out the solution. For instance, the picture of a certain building or personage, or historical happening, may give the key to the mystery.

In very high forms of past-time clairvoyance, the clairvoyant is able not only to perceive the actual happenings of the past, but also to actually sense the thought and feelings of the actors therein—for these, too, are recorded on the astral plane.

In other cases, the clairvoyant person is able to picture scenes and happenings relating to his past incarnations, even though he is not able to sense other past-time events and scenes. But, here again, many good past-time clairvoyants are not able to catch these glimpses of their own past lives, though able to perceive those of other persons.

Some persons are able to perceive events that have happened to persons present before them, but are not able to contact past-time events in the ordinary way. There are a thousand-and-one variations in clairvoyant work. Only the highly advanced occultist is master of all of them. But, still every one may develop himself or herself, from humble beginnings.

It is far better to err on the side of healthy skepticism, than of over-credulity, and it is an admirable rule never to hunt about for an occult explanation of anything when a plain and obvious physical one is available. Our duty is to endeaveor to keep our balance always, and never to lose our self-control, but to take a reasonable, common-sense view of whatever may happen to us, so that we may be wiser occultists, and more useful helpers than we have ever been before.

“We find examples of all degrees of the power to see into this ‘memory of nature,’ from the trained man who can consult the records for himself at will, down to the person who gets nothing but occasional vague glimpses, or has perhaps had only once such glimpse. But even the man who possesses this faculty only partially and occasionally still finds it of the deepest interest.

The psychometer, who needs an object physically connected with the past in order to bring it all into life again around him; and the crystal-gazer who can sometimes direct his less certain astral telescope to some historic scene of long ago, may both derive the greatest enjoyment from the exercise of their respective gifts, even though they may not always understand exactly how their results are obtained, and may not have them fully under control under all circumstances.

“In many cases of the lower manifestations of these powers we find that they are exercised unconsciously.

Many a crystal-gazer watches scenes from the past without being able to distinguish them from visions of the present.

And many a vaguely-psychic person finds pictures constantly arising before his eyes, without ever realizing that he is in effect psychometrizing the various objects around him, as he happens to touch them or stand near them.

An interesting variant of this class of psychics is the man who is able to psychometrize persons only, and not inanimate objects as is more usual. In most cases this faculty shows itself erratically, so that such a psychic will, when introduced to a stranger, often see in a flash some prominent event in that stranger’s earlier life, but on similar occasions will receive no special impression.

More rarely we meet with someone who gets detailed visions of the past life of nearly everyone whom he encounters. It may easily happen, moreover, that a person may see a picture of the past without recognizing it as such, unless there happens to be in it something which attracts special attention, such as a figure in armor, or in antique costume. Its probable, therefore, that occasional glimpses of these astral reflections of the akashic records are commoner than the published accounts would lead us to believe.”

Do not try to rush development too rapidly.

Perfect and develop yourself in one line of psychic power, before seeking another. Take things cooly, and do not lose your head because you happen to achieve some wonderful phenomena. Do not become conceited and vain-glorious.

And, finally, do not prostitute your powers to ignoble ends, and make a cheap show of them. By cheapening and prostituting the higher psychic powers, the student frequently ends by losing them altogether. Moderation in all things is the safe policy.

And it always is well for the occultist to resist temptation to use his powers for unworthy, sensational, or purely selfish purposes.

Color and interpretation of the aura

The color of every individual is doubtless somewhat different, and with the same individual it differs at various times according to his state of health, the mental and psychical changes, etc.

The majority of highly-developed clairvoyants agree, however, with C. W. Leadbeater, that the following colors may be distinguished, and that they signify the existing physical, mental and spiritual conditions, as follows :

Black: indicates hatred and malice, anger and hate thought forms are like heavy smoke.

Red: deep red flashes on black ground show anger, lurid red indicates sensuality.

Brown : dull brown-red shows avarice, dull, hard brown-grey selfishness

Greenish Brown: with red or scarlet flashes, denotes jealousy.

Grey: heavy leaden shows deep depression, livid grey shows fear.

Crimson : indicates love.

Orange : pride or ambition.

Yellow: shows intellectuality, duller tints show it is used for selfish purposes.

Green: deep blue green shows good qualities, deep sympathy, while grey-green shows deceit and cunning.

Blue: dark, indicates religious feeling, light blue shows devotion to a noble spiritual ideal.

White or near white: shows high spirituality.

Dull Brown and blue: show selfish religious feeling, dull yellow, low type intellect.

Apricot shows pride

Brick Red indicates selfish affection and avarice, light and bright red show pure affection.

Greyish green with reddish tinge, shows deceit.

The health aura is clearly visible to the clairvoyant as a mass of faintly luminous violet grey mist, interpenetrating the denser part of the physical body and extending very slightly beyond.

It is easy to understand how almost infinite may be the combinations and modifications of all these hues, so that the most delicate gradation of character, or the most evanescent of mingled feelings may be expressed with the greatest accuracy.

Many of the colors are unknown to our physical faculties, so that it is impossible to picture them with psychic hues.

When a clairvoyant sees these colours in the aura or surroundings of an individual he may feel that the characteristics indicated are present and the same thing is true when they are seen in the “surroundings” of a returning spirit.

Colours and emotions

8. Procure some water-colours and paint solid strips of colour on a piece of white paper. Make these about half an inch broad and three inches long. On one piece paint a bright red strip, on another a vivid blue, on another emerald green, on another black, etc. Blindfold your eyes, shuffle the papers, and then place your hand on the topmost one, and see whether you can tell from your impressions what colour you are touching. Red will give you a sensation of warmth, light blue of cold, etc.
9. Try to cultivate what is known as Sensitiveness to “psychic contagion.” You must remember that thoughts and emotions are just as contagious as diseases ; and that you can “catch” them in just the same way! “When in the company of other persons, therefore, endeavour to catch or feel their emotions and feelings. You will probably get, at first, the thoughts, etc., they are expressing ; then those which they are just about to express bo that you “take the words out of their mouths.” Then you will begin to sense the feelings and emotions of the speaker before they are put into words; finally you will be enabled to appreciate his whole feeling and thinking Self, by a species of intuition or impression. Endeavour to draw this out of your subject, and do not let it come to you without any effort on your part. Be active, that is, instead of merely passive. In this way lies safety and success.

10. Finally, you must teach yourself to express what you feel. Often this is most difficult. You may feel a thing, and feel inclined to say it, but something seems to hold you back until it is too late. Overcome this restrictive feeling. It is important you should do so, for this is one of the most important things to learn in the cultivation of mediumship. When you have learned to express your impressions, you have progressed far along the road.
These practices in the cultivation of sensitiveness are the most valuable you can have as a preparation for the cultivation of true mediumship. At the same time, they are safe exercises to follow. Practise them, therefore, before you attempt any definitely mediumistic exercises; and you will be rewarded by a safe and sane increase of your inner, spiritual faculties.

Cosmic energy

This vital energy which is imparted by means of spiritual healing is a great Cosmic power, which pervades the whole Universe. It is everywhere; it is back of every phenomenon: “In it we live and move and have our being.” It is illimitable in extent and in power; we simply have to draw upon it to the extent we can; and the more we can “draw,” the more rapidly do we become well ; the speedier the cure. There is no reason to suppose that, if we could “tap” this great Reservoir in the right way, we should not become well instantly and indeed there are many cases of this character, where, apparently, this has been done instances of so called “miraculous cures” being of this nature. We must learn to tap the source of spiritual energy, and when we have reached this inexhaustible fountain, then health and strength are ours!

Cultivation of sensitiveness

“Sensitiveness” means the ability to sense or perceive in some subtle manner, auras, impressions and influences, either issuing from another living person, or from some thing, or emanating from “spirits.” In so far as a sensitive or medium can sense or feel these influences, he is a psychic; and the cultivation of this power is, in a sense, the essence of all true progress in mediumship. This is, therefore, one of the most important Lea- sons which can be learned, for as you progress in psychic sensitiveness, you also progress in mediumship, other things being equal.
chapter, since the subject is too vast and too delicate.

One of the greatest difficuIties, doubtless, in the cultivation of sensitiveness, is how to distinguish true from false hallucination from reality. At first, this will doubtless be next to impossible, and many false steps will have to be taken before you find, from actual bitter experience, what is true and what is not. But as the inner sense becomes developed, you will find that it not only gives you the knowledge in question, but that it also enables you to distinguish one from the other true from false, and illuminates the whole subject so that mistake is almost impossible. This certainty, which you will then have, cannot be communicated to another; it is often impossible to prove to one who does not experience this inner vision of reality that what you receive is true, none the less!

This is the function of the Mystic Sense to do, aided by the full complement of inner faculties. In a measure the Mystic Sense, like the bodily senses, acts automatically, but like them it needs special training in order to separate phantasm from reality, to determine values, and to grade and classify ideals until they reveal themselves to be ordered unity, not less but more mysterious because more intelligible … to the whole man.” It is because of all this that long training in psychic development is necessary and sudden jumps or leaps into full possession of this knowledge is impossible.

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